Ellensburg Farmers Market COVID-19 Operation

It is essential that the Ellensburg Farmers Market is able to supply the residents of Kittitas County with food, and it is important that the market connects farmers and shoppers. While our market has often been a social space, it is important not to confuse this as the primary purpose this year. Our commitment to a farm and food-only market that support Washington’s small family farms, ensuring food access for all, and nurturing a connection between producers and consumers is our ultimate goal. Our basic needs, including those for health, food, drink, and agriculture, have not changed during this crisis. We believe that an open-air market, with transparent and short supply chains, can be the safest and best way to obtain food during this crisis. To ensure the safety of our market vendors and the public at large, some modifications of the market will be taking place.
• Social distancing guidelines will be enforced, please stay 6 feet away from others.
• One-way traffic flows: Foot traffic will stay to the right. Those entering from Ruby Street will stay on the north side of 4th, those entering from Pearl will stay on the south side of 4th, and those entering from Pine can go either way, following the stay right traffic flow. Monitors will be at each intersection to control market occupancy.
• Hand sanitizer will be provided at every booth.
• There will be no sampling.
• There will be no public seating. Those who sit in the curb to eat lunch will be gently moseyed out of the market.
Vendor and Staff Expectations:
• All vendors and staff will be required to wear a facemask.
• Vendors will select and handle your produce and products.
• All vendors will have someone designated to handle the payment separate from the products.
• Vendors will have a table or other partition in front of their booth in an effort to social distance and to prevent customers from handling product before purchase.
• Vendors and staff will politely ask shoppers not to congregate and to keep moving to make room for others.
Shopper Expectations:
• Please stay home if you or a family member is sick.
• Make a list.
• SNAP/EBT users will be able to redeem tokens at the market information booth.
• Designate one shopper per household. Please leave your children and pets at home. Service animals are permitted.
• Shoppers are encouraged to wear facemasks to protect themselves and others.
• Be mindful of the one-way traffic flows.
• Practice social distancing.
• Wash your hands before you leave your home and promptly when you return.
• Limit your stay to about 20 minutes.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Recruiting New Farmer Vendors!

In an effort to recruit new farmers to our market, the Ellensburg Farmers Market is offering to waive the first booth fee for new farmers/ranchers/farm value added vendors who would like to join. Please fill out the vendor application or call 509-899-3870 with any questions.

The Market

The Kittitas County Farmers Market has changed its name! It will henceforth and forevermore be known as The Ellensburg Farmers Market.

The Ellensburg Farmers Market is rich in tradition. This lively market is known for its farm fresh local produce, baked goods and fine hand crafted products. The Ellensburg Farmers Market, located in beautiful historic downtown Ellensburg, serves the Ellensburg and Cle Elum communities from the first Saturday in May until the last Saturday in October. The market hours are from 9 to 1.

Our Community

The experience of Ellensburg, Washington includes museums, art  galleries, antique stores, jewelry stores, many locally owned unique clothing and gift stores, and fine restaurants all located in antique buildings. Brick sidewalks, vintage lighting and signage, plenty of free parking and beautiful parks and playgrounds set the ambiance of Ellensburg.

Saturdays, 9 to 1

May through October on 4th Street


Market Events



How Do I Become a Vendor?

The vendor application can be found on this page, it includes all the rules and regulations. This market requires all vendors to have businesses set up with the Department of Revenue, with a current UBI. All businesses operating within city limits must have an Ellensburg Business License. More can be found here https://bls.dor.wa.gov/file.aspx and here https://bls.dor.wa.gov/cities/ellensburg.aspx The Ellensburg Farmers Market must be listed as additional insured on your business insurance.

Can My Non-Profit Have a Booth at the Market?

Non-profits are welcome to participate in the Ellensburg Farmers Market. Please familiarize yourself with the market rules, included in the vendor application, to see if your non-profit qualifies for a booth.

Can My Band Play Music at the Market?

A market without music is a dull affair. You are welcome to display your talents, just please stay on the sidewalks. The street itself is reserved for approved market vendors, and musicians performing on the street will be asked to move to the sidewalk. All performers will be expected to respect the sound space of the market and other performers. Music from vendors is not allowed. Some light guitar strumming with no vocalization is permitted from vendors, subject to the discretion of the market manager.

What About My Political and Religious Agendas?

The Ellensburg Farmers Market does not allow vendors or customers to promote or discriminate political or religious agendas in the market space (the street). The sidewalk, though, does not fall under market jurisdiction, and is open to all to exercise their right to free speech. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the farmers market, but those advocating political or religious persons or ideas are not permitted to approach customers or vendors on the street during market hours.

How Can I Promote My Event at the Market?

Most event promotion must be kept to the sidewalks, but exceptions can be made! Are you promoting a school play? Is the circus coming to town? Are you hosting some kind of Comic-Con? Call market manager, Colin Lamb, at 509-899-3870, or email eburgfarmersmarket@gmail.com to sort out the details.

Does the Early Bird Get the Worm?

The Ellensburg Farmers Market allows vendors to sell before the market opens at 9:00. This is up to vendor discretion; vendors are not required to sell before 9:00.



How to use your SNAP/EBT


  • The markets EBT terminal is at the market information booth.
  • Give your card to the market employee and tell them how much you want to spend.
  • The market employee will swipe your card and have you enter your PIN or sign the receipt.
  • You will receive wooden tokens that total the amount that you want to spend. Please double check that you received the correct amount of tokens. For EBT the tokens are $1 each and change can’t be given.
  • Spend your tokens with vendors. All vendors selling acceptable items will accept the EBT $1 tokens.

Market Match

Market Match gives SNAP/EBT recipients and other eligible Washington residents easier access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Market Match is a USDA sponsored program. The Ellensburg Farmers Market offers users an added 100% for fresh fruits, fresh veggies, herbs, mushrooms and vegetable starts. A $2 Market Match coupon accompanies every $2 redeemed by SNAP/EBT recipients, up to $40.


Photos courtesy of Phil Klucking

Klucking Images

Still photographs also provided by Ellensburg Farmers Market members, friends and staff